Protecting the Future

First Nations governments face the challenge of planning for the future while simultaneously protecting their rights.

By keeping the future in mind while negotiating in the present, First Nations are well equipped to meet this challenge. White Raven Law offers First Nations the legal tools that can help protect that future today.

Economic Development

We share First Nations’ commitment to establishing sustainable economic ventures that reflect community values and resources. White Raven Law brings wide-ranging experience to developing and advising both for-profit and non-profit entities as well as trusts. As a firm, White Raven Law is committed to providing Aboriginal communities with cost effective capacity-building services.


First Nation Governments, in exercising their full array of inherent governing powers, are often pulled in many directions at once. White Raven Law is experienced in supporting First Nation Governments in exercising their inherent authority to govern.

Legislative Drafting

Legislation that reflects the unique customs and traditions of your Nation not only makes sense, but also stands as an expression of your Nation’s inherent governing powers. White Raven Law is experienced in drafting legislation from the aboriginal perspective for First Nation governments. We use the word “legislation” broadly to include not only band by-laws and policy, but also First Nation Constitutions, traditional laws, legal codes, regulations, band by-laws and policy.

Founded in 1970, the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending the rights of Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide.

tribal existence; the protection of tribal natural resources; the promotion of Native American human rights; the accountability of governments to Native Americans; and the development of

Indian law and educating the public about Indian rights, laws, and issues.

NARF’s practice is concentrated in five key areas: the preservation of